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A Red Air Kind of Week

     I flew three times this past week, but always as Red Air.  Oh, well, it’s better than not flying at all.      On one of the Red Air sorties, we got to use the practice jamming pod.  That made … Continue reading

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     Today’s exercise was a simulated Destruction of Enemy Air Defense mission in the good ‘ol DMT (Distributed Mission Trainer, the current fancy name for "simulator").  Huck, Beast, Nash, and I went up against a plethora of SAMs, ZSU-23-4s, AAA, and MiGs.  … Continue reading

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Assignment Matching

     I just received an e-mail the other day that I may be required to move earlier than planned.  So instead of being guaranteed to ride out the ‘Turbulent and dynamic’ cycles of F-16 assignments that have been the result … Continue reading

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I Thought So

     It turns out the Cuero, TX "Chupacabra" was a Texas coyote that had lost its hair.       Nice try, though!

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Let’s See if This Makes Prime Time

     I sent the following e-mail to a nationally syndicated television show host.  The host in question seems to like vocabulary words even more than I do.  Let’s see if this makes the e-mail review section!     I applaud you … Continue reading

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     For any of you who have been tracking my investments with me, here’s what I’ve experienced and seen lately:      First, IBD has suggested that the market is now in a correction.  After teasing us with 5 or 6 … Continue reading

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I’ve Named My Dining Room Table “Jericho”

     Little DJ may nearly be what my friends call a "Sucker Baby."  He’s pretty easy to care for.  He sleeps 6-7 hours per night most of the time.  The only drawback is that he gets fussy from 7-11 PM, so it’s … Continue reading

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Keep Working On It

     Some guy built a 21′ replica of an X-Wing.  Good on him!      Too bad this looks like it’s just an oversized Estes model rocket.      When someone builds an actual X-Wing, let me know.  I know of a … Continue reading

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Departure and Arrival

     The primary thing that made today a lousy one:  I had just finished my sortie and was getting ready to deal with other happenstances when I got paged to go to the Ops Desk.  Corey, the Samurai’s Aviation Resource Management … Continue reading

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     Someone once told me what WOKSOF (or was it WOCSOF?) stood for.  I can’t actually remember the acronym, but it basically means the weather could charitably be described as fecal.  It wasn’t quite that bad today, but the training airspace … Continue reading

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