Keep Working On It

     Some guy built a 21′ replica of an X-Wing.  Good on him!

     Too bad this looks like it’s just an oversized Estes model rocket.

     When someone builds an actual X-Wing, let me know.  I know of a canyon near Big Bend, TX that resembles the Death Star equatorial trench. 

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One Response to Keep Working On It

  1. Tater says:

    Think I know that canyon. Was the TX ANG Advisor a few years ago. Flew old Blk 25s with the TXANG, piece of crap fighter, but still it was (barely) an F-16. Gimme a good ole Blk 10, now there was a real man’s machine!

    P.S. Was in boot camp at the AFA when the original Star Wars came out! Been around awhile…


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