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Things I Enjoy Saying

As I was walking back from work today I tried to think of a few quips I like to offer others. I do not have a particularly good reason for thinking about this particular topic. It does follow along the … Continue reading

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The Genesis of No Twelve-Step Program

Just in case anyone happens to click over here from the Ace of Spades blog comments section: I was just kidding, I don’t actually have a Twelve-step program that helps transition lurkers into commenters.

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Radio is My Friend, Radio is My Enemy

A few weeks ago during the recent World Series, I had to go to a conference in Rome, NY. I had picked up a rental car and was driving to Utica from Syracuse in the mid-to-late-evening. I turned on the … Continue reading

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Another Favorite E-mail

     I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas (or appropriately enjoyable holiday if not Christmas) and a happy New Year!      I’ve received the e-mail below on a couple occassions.  I figured it was worth posting here.  I’ve received a Navy … Continue reading

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Most Ironic Ironies

     The most ironic irony I can think of:  Discovering that you’re allergic to Kleenex tissue.      What are some of your most ironic ironies?

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Something in Common

     Governor Palin and I have something in common:  She and I have both won second prize in a beauty contest!      It may have been a little tougher going for her!

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Winning an Earthquake

     We experienced an earthquake here in our home in Japan last night.  It measured 6.8 on the Richter scale.  Luckily, no one appears to have died in the quake.      Since no one died, I can say I’m glad … Continue reading

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     I’m not really sure what’s more ridiculous:  Taser parties (a lá Tupperware parties), or Amnesty International’s position on the non-lethal devices.   Because of safety concerns and potential for abuse, we do not believe Tasers should ever be used as a … Continue reading

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Doctrine for Dummies

     In my efforts to catch up on the news that I’ve been missing since the birth of DJ, I ran across this awesome story and video at Blackfive! Enjoy!

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The Boyz of Cozmo

     I’m going to leave you all with a couple of links and not much commentary on this story from the Air Force Times (and from a magazine my wife used to read).  An excerpt from the Times: “All your buddies … Continue reading

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