Departure and Arrival

     The primary thing that made today a lousy one:  I had just finished my sortie and was getting ready to deal with other happenstances when I got paged to go to the Ops Desk.  Corey, the Samurai’s Aviation Resource Management Journeyman extraordinaire handed me the phone and said "It’s your Mom." 

     I think I said something to the effect "You mean ‘My wife,’ right?"

     "No, it’s really your Mom," he replied.

     Thinking this had to be some sort of joke, I took the handset and answered "Major Penningroth." 

     It really was my Mom.  She had called to let me know Grandma Penningroth had just passed away.

     So as I was heading earthward from the heavens from my sortie this morning, her soul passed by.  I’m sure she blew me a kiss.  That was what she did. 

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  1. Anwyn says:

    I’m sorry to hear of your grandma’s passing.

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