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Keep Working On It

     Some guy built a 21′ replica of an X-Wing.  Good on him!      Too bad this looks like it’s just an oversized Estes model rocket.      When someone builds an actual X-Wing, let me know.  I know of a … Continue reading

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Departure and Arrival

     The primary thing that made today a lousy one:  I had just finished my sortie and was getting ready to deal with other happenstances when I got paged to go to the Ops Desk.  Corey, the Samurai’s Aviation Resource Management … Continue reading

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     Someone once told me what WOKSOF (or was it WOCSOF?) stood for.  I can’t actually remember the acronym, but it basically means the weather could charitably be described as fecal.  It wasn’t quite that bad today, but the training airspace … Continue reading

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