About Japan (In Progress)

    I moved to Japan in June of 2006.  One of the things I had noticed earlier when flying through Narita to get to Korea, and which has been continually confirmed, is the great politeness and friendliness of the Japanese people.  

    Japan lies in a time zone constructed to include the Korean penninsula, which is a two-hour flight from Tokyo.  The northern part of the island chain is further east than Tokyo.  Japan (and Korea) do not celebrate Daylight Savings Time.  This results in Japan earning its moniker "The land of the Rising Sun."  In midsummer, the sun is up by 4:30 AM! (It sets by about 8:30 PM, though).  Even in winter, the sun is up by 7:00 AM. 

     Japan’s food tends to consist of a lot of seafood and rice, although you can get nearly anything you like in a Japanese supermarket.  Fresh fruits and vegetables tend to be a bit expensive, as much of it is imported.  Sushi is pretty commonly available, and it’s always fresh and tasty.  Snacks tend to be lower in sugar content than American stuff.  If you’re not adventurous enough to dine on Japanese cuisine, you can often find an ethnic restaurant such as Italian, Thai, or Indian.  If you don’t want any of those, you can always find the ubiquitous McDonalds!

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