Remember When. . .


. . . The 3.5" floppy disk and the hard drive appeared on the scene at about the same time, and many people confused the plastic-encased floppy disk for a "Hard disk," and it’s associated hardware for a "Hard Drive?"

. . . We used to pay $30-50 for the latest Atari 2600 cartridge? Now you can actually puchase the Atari 2600-style joystick and plug it into your TV with an RCA cable.  The joystick itself has about ten of the old games hard-wired in it.  It cost about $18.  (I wonder if and when we’ll start seeing this happen for ColecoVision, Intellivision, the Atari 5200, the Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo, or Sega)?

. . . The remote control for the TV, if you had one at all, was some sort of sonic clicking device; to this day I swear the TV had a microphone and if I’d tried really hard I could have emulated the noise closely enough to change the channels. 

. . . James Bond had the coolest gadgets! Now, though, I think I have almost all those gadgets in the Swiss Army knife my wife bought me a couple years ago, including the 128MB USB memory. 

. . . Voltron was the weekday morning defender of the universe (thanks to St Louis’ Ted Koplar)?  Voltron always managed to defeat the giant Robot beast at the end of the episode but nobody else really got killed.  It turned out that Voltron was based on a Japanese cartoon called Go Lions! In Japanese cartoon reality, the bad guys from planet Doom really did kill people, including Sven, the guy who first flew the Blue Lion.  That had all been edited out for the American audience. 

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