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A New Kind of Sunroof?

This gives a whole new meaning to the term “Sunroof!”

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     This was some footage Rob T. took on his trip to the Antarctic Marathon, and it’s awesome!        This is not recommended for children too young to watch some of the "meatier programs" on Animal Planet. 

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I Thought So

     It turns out the Cuero, TX "Chupacabra" was a Texas coyote that had lost its hair.       Nice try, though!

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The New ASAT Race

    According to reports, China successfully tested and anti-satellite missile last week.  This barely seemed to get the media’s attention.  We as a nation are going to have to figure out quickly what our response will need to be to … Continue reading

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Turn the Tide of the Debate

    It looks from this report like scientists may have found viable stem cells from ambiotic fluid, or something like that.       So add this source of stem cells to the cells you can get from umbilical cord blood … Continue reading

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