Someone once told me what WOKSOF (or was it WOCSOF?) stood for.  I can’t actually remember the acronym, but it basically means the weather could charitably be described as fecal.  It wasn’t quite that bad today, but the training airspace was most definitely socked in. 

     Hoser and I went out to try to do some BFM, which both of us were looking forward to.  The uncooperative weather forced us to hang out in radar trail a lot.  We tried to do a couple heat-to-guns sets, but all we really ended up doing was playing strafe rag for the guy at six o’clock, we were primarily avoiding flying into clouds. 

     Normally the flight was the highlight of the day, but today got really interesting after we landed.  By ‘interesting’ I don’t in any sense mean to imply that any of us had any fun.  It just got really busy in unusual ways.  No, no combat, no starting a land war in Asia, no resurgent former Soviet States going for Cold War glory.  Just non-routine things that popped up unexpectedly. 

     At least I got to fly!

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  1. Smith says:

    WOXOF Indefinite Ceiling Zero, Visibility Zero Due to Fog
    WOXOF Weather Obscured Zero Visibility and Fog

  2. Chris Penningroth says:


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