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Twice the Fun

     Today was a pair of SEAD/Force Protection sorties.  Four of us jumped out in front of a four-ship of strikers and practiced weaving in and out of SAM rings and knocked a couple Red Air fighters back a peg … Continue reading

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     Wow! Here’s something you don’t want to see the day you buy a stock — a huge drop in price in high volume! Two days ago I purchased shares of a shipping company.  The sector looks like it’s doing … Continue reading

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Blog Call

     If you happen to be in the Pacific NW in late Oct/early Nov and like to write on the Internet, Anwyn‘ll be hosting a Blogofogorama in a couple weeks.  I hear the main topic will be Saint Peters’ historic … Continue reading

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Flight of the Stork

     Perhaps I should say "Landing of the Stork."  Christina and I just welcomed a healthy baby boy into the family.       Mother and son are doing splendidly! Christina spent 2 hours, 19 minutes in labor.  This was our first … Continue reading

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     I haven’t written about investing for awhile.  I recently sold my holdings in Apple, it gapped up about a week ago and the volume seemed to be drying up.  I made my 20% gain on it, although not in … Continue reading

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Welcome Back to the Den

     The 13 FS arrived back at home station today.  They flew 13 jets home.  Go figure!

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Welcome to Weltanschauung!

     Greetings to visitors from the Cox & Forkum website! I’d love to say to check back here for cartoons, but unfortunately for lack of a picture, a thousand words will have to do.  We’ll have plenty of time for … Continue reading

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     Let’s see, what did I do today to top off last night’s divert to Hachinohe?      I had the brakes fail on taxi.  Then after "New jet, new day" I had the engine fail shortly after takeoff, followed quickly … Continue reading

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A Diversion

     Tonight’s mission was the long-awaited NVG re-hack.  It was the first time I’ve flown at night since June.  June of 2006, that is.       The briefing and step were all routine, with the exception that both FNG F and I were … Continue reading

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