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Entertainment Versus News

     Back in October I was browsing Victor Davis Hanson’s website and on the 12th, the sub-headline of the posting jumped out at me.  No, it wasn’t the name of the young, troubled socialite that caught me.  It was the … Continue reading

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Ski Hakkoda

     Today my wife and kid went to the Hakkoda ski area with Shep and his family.  Getting there and back was more time-consuming than normal, one of the roads up the mountain was closed, and all of them were … Continue reading

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Bake Sales and Tasty Baked Goods

     When I was about 20 years old, a car drove by that had a bumper sticker that said "Wouldn’t it be nice if the schools had all the money they needed and the Air Force had to hold a bake sale … Continue reading

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I Was Afraid This Would Happen

     In case you haven’t seen the news today, Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was assassinated.  She knew this would be a real possibility when she returned from exile to challenge President Musharraf, and given the current state of … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas 2007

     May everyone in all the world experience the peace and joy of the season, even if only for a few moments.       Please keep the folks who are downrange in your thoughts and prayers!      Let’s all keep in … Continue reading

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Appi Kogen Revisited

     Christina, the kid, and I took off with friends Deuce and Pitch and their families and spent Christmas Eve skiing at Appi.  We had a lot of fun, of course! Having brought the baby with us meant that one of us … Continue reading

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Memories that Live On

     It’s been just over a year since I learned that I lost one of my buddies in the Iraq War.  What really makes me happy to know is that Capt Travis Patriquin’s legendary slide show and his efforts at … Continue reading

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The Boyz of Cozmo

     I’m going to leave you all with a couple of links and not much commentary on this story from the Air Force Times (and from a magazine my wife used to read).  An excerpt from the Times: “All your buddies … Continue reading

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OG War Day

     Today was Operations Group War Day! We basically put both squadrons together and tried to do two really large-scale practice missions.  Despite being selected to play Aggressor yet again, it was a lot of fun!      Deuce and Scrappy … Continue reading

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Snowed Out

     Tonight the plan was for six of us to launch out for an early night sortie to practice attacks in two different formations to see how they’d work out.  Scooter and I were going to try to practice dropping … Continue reading

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