Let’s see, what did I do today to top off last night’s divert to Hachinohe?

     I had the brakes fail on taxi.  Then after "New jet, new day" I had the engine fail shortly after takeoff, followed quickly by a successful flame-out approach and landing.  Then I took off again with a similar engine problem that terminated in a flameout approach and landing.  Then I had an oil system malfunction after takeoff with the engine seizing, followed by a flameout approach and landing.  Then I had the flight controls nearly completely fail after takeoff, so I simply RTB’d to a no-HUD, no-AOA gauge visual straight-in.  Then I had the engine fail again.  Then while I was doing an unrestricted climb to 32,000′ the jet went out of control, so I simply let go of the controls and gave it ten seconds for HAL to try to fix itself before I intervened and showed the computer how to fly a modern, high-performance fighter jet.  Then I called it a day.

     I did mention this was situational emergency procedures training in a simulator, didn’t I?


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