I haven’t written about investing for awhile.  I recently sold my holdings in Apple, it gapped up about a week ago and the volume seemed to be drying up.  I made my 20% gain on it, although not in the IBD-recommended eight weeks or less.  So I sold, making a small profit. 

     Other issues I’ve been scoping out have been Crocs and Force Protection.  They’ve done well this week, but they went up on extremely light volume yesterday while the rest of the market chugged higher.  That leaves me a tad concerned.  Crocs is the maker of the shoes everyone seems to be buying.  The danger there of course is that everyone who wants them has them, and earnings will dry up.  Force Protection makes the Mine-Resistant Anti-Ambush vehicles that are in-demand in Downrangeland.  They’re going to be facing some competition from Oshkosh trucks at a minimum, and depending on which team wins the most contracts, Force Protection may go nowhere.  I’d consider it a fairly good risk, but I’m prepared to have to sell later on with no profit. 

     I’ll offer the standard disclaimer:  I’m an amateur investor.  You must do your own research.  I tend to buy things late and have to sell early, making only a little profit.  By the time you read this, there’s a good chance the stock will be on the way down. 

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