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Six Particular Classes

This link to a Forbes article was too good to pass up without a courtesy cross-link.

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Stephen M. R. Covey’s The Speed of Trust was a well-titled, decently-written tome of the necessity of having mutual trust in or across organizations in order to get things done effectively.  In my opinion, he took a topic which was … Continue reading

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What do I Read After the News?

News browsing evolves over the years, at least for me. Since I moved back to the States a few years ago, FoxNews is pretty much standard fare at work and I can watch it at home. It beats that conglomeration … Continue reading

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Just One Time

     I’d like to see just one article in the weekly Motley Fool e-mailings not mention Warren Buffett.       Could you imagine ESPN never going without mentioning the New York Yankees once per hour? That’s kind of what it’s gotten … Continue reading

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You Could Fool All of the People

     I ran across this gem at the Motley Fool this morning while speeding through my e-mail.  It was a post called Sizing Up Banking’s New Giants and was written by Morgan Housel.  I emphasized my favorite part of the quote.  Back … Continue reading

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Seventy-Nine      Here’s an academic take on the financial crisis.  This is 58:19 long, so grab a break and a cup of coffee if you mean to watch this! [Update – Sorry, for some reason embedding it did not work this … Continue reading

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Trojan Lead

     If it’s not one problem for American consumers who purchase Chinese products, it’s another.       Anyone who likes these new digital photo frames as much as I do, take heed!      Are any of the companies that make these … Continue reading

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Crazy Market

     I know the market is going down.  I’m just happy it’s finally stopped going sideways.  I personally don’t sell short or deal with put options (or options in general).  I had quit looking at my accounts for the past … Continue reading

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     I haven’t written about investing for awhile.  I recently sold my holdings in Apple, it gapped up about a week ago and the volume seemed to be drying up.  I made my 20% gain on it, although not in … Continue reading

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    Question of the Day:  If AOL service is basically free now, why do they keep requiring me to give them my credit card information in order to sign on?

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