Flight of the Stork

     Perhaps I should say "Landing of the Stork."  Christina and I just welcomed a healthy baby boy into the family. 

     Mother and son are doing splendidly! Christina spent 2 hours, 19 minutes in labor.  This was our first kid, and since I figured she was going to be in labor for a good long time, I suggested she take the epidural.  She elected to go with no drugs.  I’m pretty proud of her!

     Immediately following the birth, I started trying to teach the kid Faraday’s Law, but then I realized I forgot it after the physics final back in 1989.  I settled with reciting the equation for general relativity.  The nurses then suggested I try a lullaby.  I don’t know what’s more sleep-inducing, the barely-remembered songs of my infancy, or the partially-remembered nuclear physics from college.  Either way I went, he fell asleep pretty quickly. 

     I’d best start teaching him how to play football.

     . . . That would be NFL football, the other game is called soccer, no matter what my European wife says!

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3 Responses to Flight of the Stork

  1. Jeff says:

    What’s his name?

  2. Anwyn says:

    Congratulations to you and Christina! That’s great.

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