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Curtain Call

     Cox & Forkum just announced they’ll be ceasing they’re regular editorial cartooning.  Thanks for the laughs for the past six or so years, guys! Message From Above is hanging in my office directly over my computer.  I hope you’ll continue the September … Continue reading

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Policing Ramadi

      More on the CPT Travis Patriquin Memorial Police Station here and here.      Info on Ramadi from Michael Totten in two parts (h/t Hoystory).       At least al Qaeda in Mesopotamia keeps shooting itself in its own foot.  It’s even nicer to … Continue reading

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Duties Not Involving Flying

     I haven’t been flying recently, and I won’t until about 1 Oct.  Between the end of the fiscal year and the minor surgery I just had, I’m just not going to be on the flying schedule at all for … Continue reading

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Heroes’ Run Report

     There’s a good note and a bad note to the Heroes’ Run that Mr Patriquin tried to set up for 28 July.  The bad news was that the run in Lockport, IL was cancelled.       The good news was … Continue reading

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Check, Please!

     Today was my instrument/qual checkride.  The tactical portion was pretty simple; our task would be to play two of a three-ship of Red Air for Quattro’s IPUG Force Protection ride.  He was dragging an MQT student, and so was his … Continue reading

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Grease Is The Word

     Today’s mission was for Cash and I to go up and practice a maneuver we call "The Grease."  I have no idea why we call it that.  Maybe because someone thought it would be a slick way for us … Continue reading

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Color Me Skeptical

     I thought el chupacabra was some sort of vampire version of sasquatch.  Not this. 

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