Blog Call

     If you happen to be in the Pacific NW in late Oct/early Nov and like to write on the Internet, Anwyn‘ll be hosting a Blogofogorama in a couple weeks.  I hear the main topic will be Saint Peters’ historic defeat of the Islamic Fundamentalist Balrog on the bridge of Lepanto-dûm.  Or something like that.  [Wow. . . how un-PC of me! –ed]

     I wish I could get there! Methinks my wife and newborn wouldn’t so much appreciate Dad taking off just now. 

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3 Responses to Blog Call

  1. Tater says:

    Megga ‘grats on the son! Just stumbling over from Anwyn’s blog; new there as well. See we have a few common interests and think you might enjoy this:

    It’s new and a work in progress, but has potential!


  2. Tater says:

    P.S. You coming to A/G WSEP in Feb?

  3. Chris Penningroth says:


    That’ll be the Panthers headed your direction. I’m attached to the Samurai. I’m still lobbying to go to RED FLAG-ALASKA in April.
    Thanks a million for the congrats! I’ll pass them along to the proud mom! 🙂


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