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Boodle Fights and Dead Gecko Coffee

     Today my colleagues and I were invited to a Boodle Fight with some of our host-nation counterparts.  The Boodle Fight is a tradition in this country that builds esprit de corps (team-building, in modern business parlance).  I’m not sure how far it … Continue reading

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Cobra Quest Paused

     Some of my friends were not too far away from this event.  They’re alright.  They couldn’t tell me which of these reports about the event were correct.       I think I’ll be redirecting my search efforts. 

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     I was on my way into one of the buildings with some other folks here when I espied this spider.  As best I could tell it was an argiope spider.  This one was about as big as my outstretched … Continue reading

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Looking for Wildlife

     I’m the type of guy who doesn’t shy away from wildlife, no matter how wild the life.  If a trail at a national park says to "Beware of mountain lions," it’s a pretty safe bet that you’ll find me … Continue reading

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The Best Thing About This Tour

     The best thing about this deployment was meeting this guy:                    . . . At least according to him! You know how these young folks can be brash sometimes.      You’re doing … Continue reading

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Inspirational Antarctica

     Here’s more amazing video from Rob T’s Antarctica trip; set to some music that got my soul singing along, too!

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Battle Rattle

     I’ve found it nearly completely unnecessary to wear this stuff in the current theater.  The primary danger is from pickpockets.        I can’t believe I traded in a G-suit for kevlar! Update 11 Apr 2008:  Due to popular … Continue reading

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     This was some footage Rob T. took on his trip to the Antarctic Marathon, and it’s awesome!        This is not recommended for children too young to watch some of the "meatier programs" on Animal Planet. 

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Weltanschauung Friends in the News (III)

     Weltanschauung friend Rob T. did something pretty amazing after running his first eight marathons:  He ran the Antarctica marathon! (I didn’t even know there was such an event).  He and some friends and family put together a short video … Continue reading

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Not Quite Camping

     I just recently returned from one of the far-flung camps in our area of operations.  It was one of those places where you couldn’t drink the water without boiling it first (not even to brush your teeth).  Pretty much … Continue reading

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