This was some footage Rob T. took on his trip to the Antarctic Marathon, and it’s awesome!


     This is not recommended for children too young to watch some of the "meatier programs" on Animal Planet

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3 Responses to Carnage!

  1. BT in SA says:

    Everyone – everything – has to eat, ya know… Wasn’t quite as bad watching it as I had expected, thankfully. Still can’t bring myself to watch the poor old sea turtle being slaughtered so that some ancient cult [you know the one I mean] can drink the blood. Just know I don’t want to see that one. [And OT, but I’m sorry about your Grandmother’s passing. It sounds to me like she was one very lucky Grandma to have you for a grandson and vice versa!]

  2. Chris Penningroth says:

    Hi, Sabra! I’ve actually never seen the sea turtle (although now I’m curious).

    Thanks for the kind words, but I was the lucky one to have been the grandson of such a remarkable woman.

    You’ve got a great blog! Thanks for putting up with everything you do over there. In my opinion, you deserve every penny you get over there. A bunch of my friends have been there, I can’t see myself enjoying myself there!

  3. BT in SA says:

    The sea turtle can be seen here:

    I read WZ’s comments and can’t bring myself to watch the video. Let me know if you watch it and if you are an animal lover that cannot stand to see ANY animal die unnaturally if you would recommend NOT watching this video. I cry for days at the thought of someone torturing ANY animal – dogs, especially, and I absolutely, absolutely HATE Eid here – the sight of the animals loaded in trucks, strapped down very, very unnaturally, and knowing what’s in store – and then seeing them swing from trees as they are draining… It’s too much for me!

    Thanks for stopping by Stilettos in the Sand. Perhaps if I’d get off everybody else’s blogs I’d have a little more time for my own… I do have some things that NEED to be posted. Stop by again in a week or two.

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