Cobra Quest Paused

     Some of my friends were not too far away from this event.  They’re alright.  They couldn’t tell me which of these reports about the event were correct. 

     I think I’ll be redirecting my search efforts. 

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One Response to Cobra Quest Paused

  1. Anne says:

    If I started talking about these cowards using their bombs to kill non-combatants, I’d never stop.

    I wish you weren’t there. I’m glad your friends are all right. I wish you were safe at home, getting ready for summer vacation. (And only seeing cobras in the zoo!)

    But you make it possible for the rest of us to be safe at home. You and your friends are there because there is great evil (human and cosmic) in the world, and I cannot thank you enough.

    May God keep you all safe.

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