Battle Rattle

     I’ve found it nearly completely unnecessary to wear this stuff in the current theater.  The primary danger is from pickpockets.  

     I can’t believe I traded in a G-suit for kevlar!

Battle Rattle

Update 11 Apr 2008:  Due to popular demand to know which one of these fighter pilots-turned fighter-pilots-on-the-ground is me, I’ll give you all the following hint:  I’m the one on the side.  (Seriously, I may tell you via e-mail if you ask nicely)

     Anne, I’m curious now about that riding crop, I’ll keep my eyes peeled.  There aren’t many horses around here, though. 

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3 Responses to Battle Rattle

  1. Anwyn says:

    So … who’s who?

  2. Anne says:

    I don’t think you’d have any trouble with pickpockets wearing that. And I’m with Anwyn — who’s who? (You can’t lose, both get my vote.)

  3. Anne says:

    Maybe you need to get one of these that my father brought back from WWII. He didn’t have any trouble with pickpockets (and probably had nothing in his pockets, either). Pardon inserting a link. I know it’s rude but I can’t help myself with this one.

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