Radio is My Friend, Radio is My Enemy

A few weeks ago during the recent World Series, I had to go to a conference in Rome, NY. I had picked up a rental car and was driving to Utica from Syracuse in the mid-to-late-evening. I turned on the radio, kicked the band over to AM, and started scanning, looking for a station that was carrying the World Series game. Unbelievably, the station carrying the game that came in the best up there on I-90 that night was KMOX in St Louis! Radio was my friend that night. It brought me news from “Home,” even as far from it as I was.

The following Thursday I was homeward bound. I arrived at my home airport and noted on the TV that the Cards were down 6-4. As I got into the car and started on my way home, Texas went up 7-4. There were no more runs scored by the time I got home so I simply finished up a couple brief projects and went to bed. The radio had reported nothing worthy of note.

I awoke the next morning and checked Drudge before going to work. The main page had a photo of one of the Cards (I don’t recall who) with the sub-link “Game 7.”

Radio! Why didn’t you warn me Game Six was about to go down as one of the best games ever!!?

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