Most Ironic Ironies

     The most ironic irony I can think of:  Discovering that you’re allergic to Kleenex tissue.

     What are some of your most ironic ironies?

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4 Responses to Most Ironic Ironies

  1. BT in SA says:

    My son, as an infant and baby, was allergic to Pampers. [Thank goodness there were cloth diapers to use and as alternative – and a diaper service!]

    The Boy, our Great Dane, is allergic to dust – and we live in a giant sandbox! Poor little guy… No amount of Benadryl helps relieve his suffering.

  2. Chris Penningroth says:

    Wow! Cloth diapers is a lot of work, too, even with a service. I feared we might have to use cloth but those fears were unfounded. I think I did get one, though, and I use that to polish my boots!

    How does The Boy manage? Stays inside in the air conditioning, right? (Which I find to be a highly sensible course of action, mostly because that’s what I like to do, too!)

  3. lifepundit says:

    When I was a kid I was allergic to everything — including Kleenexes! My mother solved the problem by buying cotton handkerchiefs for me. But I couldn’t keep up with the handkerchiefs, so she pinned them to my chest. When I sneezed, which was all day long since everything made me sneeze, I would blow my nose on my handkerchief. I went around all day with a dirty handkerchief pinned to my front.

    I’m sure I was a very attractive, damp kid.

    I’m not allergic to Kleenex anymore. Thank goodness!

  4. Mom says:

    you also had an allergic reaction to strawberries, it lasted about 2 months. I have come to the conclusion it wasn’t the strawberries, but something they were treated with. And your youngest brother was also allergic to Pampers. Cloth diaper should make a big comeback. We need the rags…

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