The Boyz of Cozmo

     I’m going to leave you all with a couple of links and not much commentary on this story from the Air Force Times (and from a magazine my wife used to read).  An excerpt from the Times:

“All your buddies are gonna rip you a little bit,” Ripley said. “It’s all in good fun, and there were some pretty funny comments that got thrown around the ol’ e-mail chain from different buddies.”

     I will offer that I was the recipient of one of the e-mails that went around the USAF (yes, the entire USAF).  I gave some consideration to simply copying it into this post, but due to language and OPSEC considerations, I decided not to.  Suffice it for me to summarize that "Ripped" would be putting it mildly; sort of like saying "Jeffrey Dahmer hurt some people."  In any case, I didn’t forward the e-mail, so it doesn’t really make sense to post it here, either.   

     But then, at the beginning of that e-mail train, he had asked a bunch of guys to vote for him in whatever contest it was in a womens‘ magazine!

     I’ll leave the commentary to you. . . .

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