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I Thought So

     It turns out the Cuero, TX "Chupacabra" was a Texas coyote that had lost its hair.       Nice try, though!

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Curtain Call

     Cox & Forkum just announced they’ll be ceasing they’re regular editorial cartooning.  Thanks for the laughs for the past six or so years, guys! Message From Above is hanging in my office directly over my computer.  I hope you’ll continue the September … Continue reading

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The Great 80s

     Tonight, Kane and his wife hosted an 80’s party! I can’t remember the last time I went to a party that much fun! Strange, the parties I went to in the 80s didn’t generally turn out like that.  Maybe … Continue reading

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     Due to the dearth of comments lately, I think I’m going to try to stir up a hornets’ nest of controversy to get the ball rolling.       On second though, never mind.  It just isn’t me!      That, and … Continue reading

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More Motivators

    Here are some more of those motivational posters, Army grunt style! More Motivators

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    Most of you have seen those inspirational, motivational posters decorating offices throughout the country.  They exhort us to be determined, to be righteous, to dream, to exercise, to lead.       Here are a few you probably won’t see … Continue reading

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