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Here’s Heroism

     I’m sending a prayer to the family of Lorraine Allard, the UK woman who delayed cancer treatment in order to ensure her baby would have a chance to live.       Stories like this will lift your spirit at the … Continue reading

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Crazy Market

     I know the market is going down.  I’m just happy it’s finally stopped going sideways.  I personally don’t sell short or deal with put options (or options in general).  I had quit looking at my accounts for the past … Continue reading

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Good News and Bad News

     I did a Google search for death penalty sentences on 23 Jan 2008 and there didn’t appear to be any judicial activity from most of the usual suspects (China, Iran, Texas).  Nor had anybody in the world appeared to have … Continue reading

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Fun Flying

     Today Huck, Boat, Gilligan, and I went all-out to try to make life miserable for Kane, Topper, Bosco, and Rost.  We threw ’em the kitchen sink and they handled us pretty well.       The interesting thing was we were fighting … Continue reading

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Belated Blogosphere Wrap-Up

     Bill Whittle over at Eject!Eject!Eject! has a great essay about John Boyd and the OODA loop and how it applies to competitive decision-making in almost any sphere (mostly war).       Iowahawk (caution-language) had an interesting satire on a New … Continue reading

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Two Shots in the Arm

     The first shot in the arm was a really fun SEAD mission.  Gilligan, Lt Col Z, Scooter, and I flew out to the training area with my old friend Cash and his wingman Motor playing Red Air.  We shot our way … Continue reading

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Ski Hachimantai

     Yesterday my family and a friend of my wife’s all caravan’d out to Hachimantai to try some skiing there.  We hit the Panorama side, which had six or seven easy and well-groomed runs (two or so had decent powder … Continue reading

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Wild Ride

     Here’s a computer-generated video of the F-15 that broke up in mid-flight back in November via Air Force AimPoints and CNN. 

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Maneuvering Around Air Combat

     Stalker, Stiffler, Gilligan, and I all went out today to knock out some ACM.  Stalker and I kept the Blue role all day.  We knocked out two defensive perch sets, two intercepts, and a handful of "Tap the CAP" … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Last Word

     Rest in peace, Andrew.  And great job thinking of this! 

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