It’s Getting to Be That Time

Some time last year I began an attempt to start listing some ideas I’d been mulling. With the current day’s news, I no longer think it feasible to wait much longer while I try to find the perfect way to write out the things I’d been considering. So I’ll begin now to just start putting my ideas forward. If the ideas gain traction, I can work them into perfection another time.

I put these ideas out there in the hope that they lead to something that will make our already good society even better.

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It’s Awfully Quiet Around Here

As I’m certain has been the case for many of us bloggers, I’m more active on social media and less active on the blog.

In case you’re looking for me or my thoughts, here’s where you can find me in virtual space:

I’m semi-active on LinkedIn as a professional matter, but I post almost nothing there. Same with Experteer and Xing, but I use them even less often.

I just joined and have become more active on MeWe in recent days. I currently am trying to build interest in a group for Christians. You should be able to find me by name, but if not, try to contact me directly and I’ll look for you.

I have been on Gab for quite some time (my Gab name is @SPinRHF16). I hope Gab becomes an effective replacement for Twitter in coming months or years. You may be able to contact me through the Christianity group, the Ace of Spades readers group, MoGab, or the groups I’m trying to get launched on Gab (Lean Six Sigma, Project Management, and Program Management).

I still have a Twitter account (@CPenningroth), but I rarely check it.

I am fairly active on Facebook but am beginning to wind down participation there. I use it more often than not to keep in touch with old friends the way we used to keep in touch via e-mail. I almost never post anything substantive there.

I have a RallyPoint account but I view it less often than Twitter, not because I don’t like it, but because I can’t be everywhere. If you try to connect with me there, you’ll need to send me a direct message to let me know to check RallyPoint.

I check Goodreads from time to time and am a member of the Ace of Spades book thread readers. I’m happy to link up with friends there.

I have an Instagram account. I think I posted one picture there several years ago. I use Instagram more often than InterNations.

I have accounts with social media apps or web pages that probably no longer exist, which tells you how often I check them.

So that in a nutshell is where you can find me these days. Wherever you are, I hope you’re having a fantastic day (or night)!

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Making Things Better — Introductory Installment

There are many things to complain about in the American political process these days. I spend every major election cycle hoping things don’t get worse. Sometimes they don’t get worse, but often they do. For someone who grew up in the 1980s, this is perplexing. Those of us who grew up in the 1980s observed humanity making major progress towards global peace, fairer trade, better sustainable economic development around the globe; and a very real lessening of tensions between what we unapologetically called the “Free World” and the failed worldwide communist regimes.

If I remember my Sunday School lessons correctly, there were periods of time when people had weak leaders and wanted strong leaders.  American history bears this out to some extent.  Our forebears decided the Articles of Confederation resulted in an ineffective governing system.   Through debate, compromise, and reconciliation they drafted what would become in 1787 the Constitution of the United States.  As with any human endeavor, the Constitution was not a perfect product.  It contained within it both the seeds of its salvation and the seeds of its destruction.  That it has survived this long and been the inspiration to so many other people is a testament to the wisdom of those who created it.

The aftermath of our Civil War resulted in the elimination of slavery.  It also resulted in a federal system in which the states were relegated to a status akin to a “Super-county” (or “Super-parish” if you’re from the great state of Louisiana).  The states mattered, but less so than before.

In subsequent installments of “Weltanschauung Making Things Better” I plan to introduce some ideas that might just help restore some much-needed balance (or at least offer a new component of the foundation to build something better).

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A Change in Tactics

Apparently A-10 “Warthogs” dealing out death from the skies to bad guys wasn’t enough.

The quote of the week:  “When God sends a Plague of Wild Boars against you, he’s done sending messages, and is now sending armored bacon.” [Emphasis added][H/T Ace of Spades HQ]

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This Should be Interesting

It’ll be interesting to see what happens in the next four years…!

Normally I’d categorize a post like this as “What’s Right.”  I’m not really certain at this point.  What is certain is that it could have been worse.

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Conservative Tactics

[Warning–Not Sutiable for Viewing at Work (NSFW) or for Children due to language]
Project Veritas’ latest video:


If attempted voter fraud is likely, it may be useful insurance for conservatives to go rent all the cars they can on election day and make as many purchases as they can from Used Car Auction.

If the nefarious actions described in the video are likely to take place, perhaps the price of liberty is not only eternal vigilance, but also the cost of a one-day rental car.

God help us all.

Update:  If this isn’t obvious, I mean conservatives should rent cars and simply use them normally.  I neither condone committing fraud nor encourage anyone to commit fraud.

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Farewell Mrs Schlafly

Phyllis Schlafly went home yesterday. Eagle Forum has an announcement on their page today.

Phyllis Schlafly was one of the first people I remember hearing that wasn’t pushing the same line as Walter Cronkite and his ilk back in the mid-1970s as I was gaining a political consciousness.  When I listened to her argue the conservative case, it made more sense than the case made by the opposition.

Thank God for folks like her, and for Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, and so many others who successfully “Stood athwart history yelling ‘Stop!'” In reality, what they did was thwart retrogression cloaked under the false banner ‘Progress.’  That’ll be the topic of an essay another time. I wish I’d been able to be the first to explain but Roger L Simon of PJ Media beat me to the use of the term ‘Retrogressive’ before I could use it.  (Apologies for the lack of a link, as best I remember, Mr Simon used the term well over five years ago).

Goodbye for now, Mrs Schlafly, and rest in well-deserved peace.

(Hat tip to Ace).

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Career Retrospective – 1990

Operation DESERT SHIELD commenced after Saddam Hussein’s Iraq invaded Kuwait.

The U.S. suffered a relatively brief economic recession.

I earned my Private Pilot certificate.

My grades were substantially better throughout 1990; however I was still only managing average grades in engineering classes and I flirted with the idea of changing majors to business and aviation.

I remember helping teach a Sunday School class during the year and working a part-time job; but little else besides that, flying, and college classes.

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Neuschwanstein Castle from Hohenschwangau Village

Hohenschwangau Castle from Hohenschwangau Village

Hohenschwangau Castle from Hohenschwangau Village

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Career Retrospective – 1989

As 1989 began, George H.W. Bush took the presidency as the Reagans rode off into the sunset. Prior to the inauguration, U.S. Navy F-14s shot down Libyan fighters over the Gulf of Sidra. On the ninth of November, Germans began to “Tear down this wall” and began dismantling the Berlin Wall, which had long symbolized the Cold War.   Operation JUST CAUSE would oust Noriega from Panama late in the year.

While these awesome historical changes were taking place, I found myself hitting many of my own personal limits. I hit the limits of my self-discipline, my academic work ethic, and my intelligence; if not my ambition. I had been clever enough to do well in high school and in my first semester in college. However, my intelligence tended to feed a sense of academic complacency. I had tendered a habit of assuming I’d accumulate all of the knowledge I needed to pass tests during the courses of the academic lectures. In other words, I grew up getting by without having to do homework. Up until 1989, anyway.

Reality gave me a very significant check, and dismal grades sent me back to the career-planning drawing board. I very nearly gave up on becoming a military officer.

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