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The Prelude to the First Step to Restoring Liberty

                The first of the ideas that will restore liberty-enabling checks and balances is an idea that will help first to restore the most critical balance of all:  That balance between the sovereign people whose liberty has been weakened and … Continue reading

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The Time Has Come

                I believe that the time has come for the sovereign citizens of the United States of America to take an intense look at the structures of what history will remember as the greatest government in world history to date; … Continue reading

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It’s Getting to Be That Time

Some time last year I began an attempt to start listing some ideas I’d been mulling. With the current day’s news, I no longer think it feasible to wait much longer while I try to find the perfect way to … Continue reading

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It’s Awfully Quiet Around Here

As I’m certain has been the case for many of us bloggers, I’m more active on social media and less active on the blog. In case you’re looking for me or my thoughts, here’s where you can find me in … Continue reading

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Adding to the Absurdity

One of my frequent reads over at PJ Media is fellow (former) St Louisan Stephen Green at VodkaPundit (who “Covers the absurd in American politics,” and does it quite nicely from a libertarian frame of reference). I finally got a … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas 2013

Another year is almost ready for the ‘Recent History” archive! May your New Year 2014 be blessed and happy! Updated:: Now with 100% more Christmas Tree!

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