It’s Awfully Quiet Around Here

As I’m certain has been the case for many of us bloggers, I’m more active on social media and less active on the blog.

In case you’re looking for me or my thoughts, here’s where you can find me in virtual space:

I’m semi-active on LinkedIn as a professional matter, but I post almost nothing there. Same with Experteer and Xing, but I use them even less often.

I just joined and have become more active on MeWe in recent days. I currently am trying to build interest in a group for Christians. You should be able to find me by name, but if not, try to contact me directly and I’ll look for you.

I have been on Gab for quite some time (my Gab name is @SPinRHF16). I hope Gab becomes an effective replacement for Twitter in coming months or years. You may be able to contact me through the Christianity group, the Ace of Spades readers group, MoGab, or the groups I’m trying to get launched on Gab (Lean Six Sigma, Project Management, and Program Management).

I still have a Twitter account (@CPenningroth), but I rarely check it.

I am fairly active on Facebook but am beginning to wind down participation there. I use it more often than not to keep in touch with old friends the way we used to keep in touch via e-mail. I almost never post anything substantive there.

I have a RallyPoint account but I view it less often than Twitter, not because I don’t like it, but because I can’t be everywhere. If you try to connect with me there, you’ll need to send me a direct message to let me know to check RallyPoint.

I check Goodreads from time to time and am a member of the Ace of Spades book thread readers. I’m happy to link up with friends there.

I have an Instagram account. I think I posted one picture there several years ago. I use Instagram more often than InterNations.

I have accounts with social media apps or web pages that probably no longer exist, which tells you how often I check them.

So that in a nutshell is where you can find me these days. Wherever you are, I hope you’re having a fantastic day (or night)!

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