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The Best Thing About This Tour

     The best thing about this deployment was meeting this guy:                    . . . At least according to him! You know how these young folks can be brash sometimes.      You’re doing … Continue reading

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New for Dessert

     I had some of the spiciest Kung Pao chicken ever today, therefore I went seeking a dessert that would cool me off afterward.  Actually, I didn’t go seeking it, the waiter stopped by and recited a short list.  I … Continue reading

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Done in by My PowerPoint

     Today was a first for me:  Weltanschauung just took it’s first hit (that I know of) in the Blogosphere over at Virtualpolitik.  "Hits" is a bit of an exaggeration, it was really more of a fun poke, or … Continue reading

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Inspirational Antarctica

     Here’s more amazing video from Rob T’s Antarctica trip; set to some music that got my soul singing along, too!

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Battle Rattle

     I’ve found it nearly completely unnecessary to wear this stuff in the current theater.  The primary danger is from pickpockets.        I can’t believe I traded in a G-suit for kevlar! Update 11 Apr 2008:  Due to popular … Continue reading

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