Ski Hachimantai

     Yesterday my family and a friend of my wife’s all caravan’d out to Hachimantai to try some skiing there.  We hit the Panorama side, which had six or seven easy and well-groomed runs (two or so had decent powder in the morning that was gone by midday, since it wasn’t snowing).  The other families brought their kids to teach them to ski, and it was a good area for it.  I think some other friends hit the other side of the resort, but it was a car ride plus a separate lift ticket to get over there.  That side had two or three black runs.  I’ll have to remember this area when it comes time to teach the little one how to ski!

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    Um, thanks for the trackback. Interesting that you’re referring to my blog as “I Just Lost My Plane of Thought.”

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