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Random Wonder of the Day

     I keep checking in with every month or so, always with the same result.  Cheers season 9 hasn’t been released yet.  How much longer must I wait!?

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The Great 80s

     Tonight, Kane and his wife hosted an 80’s party! I can’t remember the last time I went to a party that much fun! Strange, the parties I went to in the 80s didn’t generally turn out like that.  Maybe … Continue reading

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     The flight for today was another ACM hop with Kane as the lead and Gimbel as the wily Red Bandit.  Since I was the only field grader in the flight, el Gimbel was looking forward to trying to gun me.  … Continue reading

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Interesting Thoughts on Journalism

     My buddy Matt has some incisive comments for the journalism profession in this article.  Newsrooms across the country should take heed. 

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Stars & Stripes Goes Flying

     Here’s an interesting report from a new Stars & Stripes reporterette who got to fly at one of my alma matter squadrons.      The Air Force likes to try to make sure our Public Affairs staffs and some corresponding media personnel … Continue reading

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Another ACM

     The mission for today was for me to be the ACM bandit for Kane and Drago.  They asked me to pretend to be a Su-27 ‘Flanker,’ which would be relatively easy given our two-tank configurations which would limit our maneuverability … Continue reading

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     Today’s missions were 2 x air combat maneuvering (ACM) with Lt Col Z once again.  Col M and Crutch were to be our formidable Red Air adversaries.  Lt Col Z and I would CAP in the center of the … Continue reading

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Here’s Something I Can Live Without (For Now)

     For all you aviation enthusiasts out there:  MiGFlug      Flug is flight in German. 

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End of an Era

     I just got an e-mail from a friend at my last assignment.  Ray Barracks is officially closed (the Ready First Combat Team’s website doesn’t even seem to exist anymore).  Here’s the scoop from Stars & Stripes.  And another.  Here’s … Continue reading

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     Due to the dearth of comments lately, I think I’m going to try to stir up a hornets’ nest of controversy to get the ball rolling.       On second though, never mind.  It just isn’t me!      That, and … Continue reading

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