Due to the dearth of comments lately, I think I’m going to try to stir up a hornets’ nest of controversy to get the ball rolling. 

     On second though, never mind.  It just isn’t me!

     That, and the only thing I could think of to start with would have infringed on a beer commercial’s copyrights.  [Why on earth did I have to take that intellectual property rights class – ed]

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4 Responses to Controversy

  1. Jeff says:

    Did you study “Fair Use?”

  2. Chris Penningroth says:

    Umm…yeah. Clearly, I forgot all about it. So I could actually say “Tastes great!” without bringing down the wrath of a company from Milwaukee, WI?

  3. Jeff says:

    Most likely. Generally speaking, since your blog sometimes falls in the realm of commentary and satire you likely don’t have much to worry about even if someone did call you on it.

    However, some corporations are overly sensitive. See, for example, the Worm Poop case ( In this case, the parent company to Miracle Grow (Scott’s), in addition to suing college kids, who sell workpoop in recyclyed soda bottles. Something about claiming to having rights to the colors green and yellow.

  4. Chris Penningroth says:

    I suppose I must rely on the relative generosity and coolness of beer producers compared to lawn and garden products manufacturers!

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