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More Motivators

    Here are some more of those motivational posters, Army grunt style! More Motivators

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    Most of you have seen those inspirational, motivational posters decorating offices throughout the country.  They exhort us to be determined, to be righteous, to dream, to exercise, to lead.       Here are a few you probably won’t see … Continue reading

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Targeting Difficulties

    Have you ever wondered why no one in their right mind makes fun of the intelligence of today’s American military Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines?     Try interpreting the following while taking 7.62 rounds from multiple directions!  

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Iraq in Detail

    Travis Patriquin wrote a pretty in-depth explanation about the difficulties fighting the insurgency.  His earlier, more famous PowerPoint slide gets to the point quickly and humorously.  This article was recently published in The Military Review (Hat tip:  Mr Patriquin … Continue reading

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The New ASAT Race

    According to reports, China successfully tested and anti-satellite missile last week.  This barely seemed to get the media’s attention.  We as a nation are going to have to figure out quickly what our response will need to be to … Continue reading

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CNN’s HMMWV Supports Troops

    I awoke to some interesting news from Scottsdale, AZ this morning.  It turns out the CEO of ReMax Realty bought the HMMWV CNN used during Operation IRAQI FREEDOM for $1 million at this year’s Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction.  The proceeds … Continue reading

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We Can Still Win

    It’s not over ’til it’s over.  For more good news from the Ready First Combat Team’s AOR, check out today’s Stars & Stripes.       Here’s a link to another heart and mind we won, and it paid off … Continue reading

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More Good Stuff from VDH

    If you’re not regularly reading Victor Davis Hanson, you’re letting some of the best commentary on the War on Terror pass by.  If you disagree with him, at least he makes you think.       Here’s some good thinking … Continue reading

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The Legacy

    I ran across this article in Stars & Stripes today.  It’s nice to see Travis Patriquin’s famous slideshow being vindicated in al Anbar.  (The link is to another page of this blog where you can click to view the … Continue reading

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Ski Okunakayama (or as I Say, “Not Appi”)

    Christina and I took the day off and went skiing again.  Christina is going to try to become a skiing instructor, and the instructor course starts soon, so she wanted to get in a day of good practice with … Continue reading

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