CNN’s HMMWV Supports Troops

    I awoke to some interesting news from Scottsdale, AZ this morning.  It turns out the CEO of ReMax Realty bought the HMMWV CNN used during Operation IRAQI FREEDOM for $1 million at this year’s Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction.  The proceeds will go to the Fisher House Foundation, which is a series of houses that give recuperating military folks and their families a place to live during medical treatment. 

    Surprisingly, this effort appears to have been headed by Wolf Blitzer! It looks like he may have taken Lynn Cheney’s chastisement to heart when she asked him if he and CNN wanted America to win the War on Terror. 

    One has to wonder if this is just a stunt from CNN, or if they really mean there’s a sea-change going on from the Ted Turner-Eason Jordan era?

    I’m hoping for the best.  If I see more moves like this out of CNN, it will help.

    Other useful moves would be firing Jack McCafferty, and returning Lou Dobbs to the business section and out of the opinion section. 

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