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Let There be (a) Flight!

    Back on 21 Dec, I got to fly for the first time in six months.  "Ski" and I hopped into a pair of Yellowtail F-16CJs with the primary mission to regain my long-lost landing currency, and also to familiarize … Continue reading

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The Fabled PowerPoint Presentation

    Travis’ PowerPoint Presentation, for those of you who missed it at the more popular blogs. . . . How to Win in Anbar     Thanks again, Jim! 

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The Travis Patriquin Family Trust Fund

    I have a mailing address for the trust fund for Travis Patriquin’s family established by Travis’ father Gary Patriquin: Travis Patriquin Family Memorial Trust Fund Harris Bank 111 West Monroe-111/1C Chicago, IL 60603     Mr Patriquin is also trying … Continue reading

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Explanation Deferral

    I think I owe my buddy Jim a longer explanation regarding what I think about Operation IRAQI FREEDOM and its place in the overall GWOT.  It’s going to take an essay-length explanation (maybe more).  The essay would only be … Continue reading

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Lest We Forget

    Lately, Weltanschauung has been posting lots of bad news from Downrangeland.       Although it’s been a rough couple weeks personally, all is not lost! Here is the Airpower Summary.  Strong! Here’s some Army news, too! Not to mention … Continue reading

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Jason M West, RIP

    I was passing along the bad news about Travis Patriquin to a mutual friend, and he told me another of our mutual friends, Capt Jason West, had also been killed in Ramadi.  This happened on 24 July this year.  … Continue reading

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Red vs Blue

    I was reading one of my friend Jim’s posts (did I mention Jim is the guy who provides me with this blog? Thanks, Jim!), something he wrote reminded me of something.  Back in the day when we were in … Continue reading

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Black and White World

    I just finished reading Cox & Forkums’ third book of their editorial cartoons, Black & White World III.  As usual, it’s great stuff! I say that because it makes me think about things that I enjoy contemplating, and they … Continue reading

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An Addition to the Memorial

    SPC Vincent Pomante was the driver of the HMMWV that was hit by the IED that killed Maj Megan McClung and CPT Travis Patriquin.  I caught the video memorial to Maj McClung on Hot Air, and when a picture … Continue reading

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Continual Updates

    Most of my attention this past week has been dominated by the news of Travis Patriquin’s death, and more importantly, what many of us are doing about it.       I was contacted by one of Travis’ friends, Matthew, … Continue reading

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