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Chris’s Market Watch

    Yesterday’s market action was a bit of a surprise.  I wouldn’t quite say it’s time to go short on all positions, but it certainly looks like cash is king right now!     Never forget, all you stock investors out … Continue reading

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Good Company

    I found someone out there with more artistic talent than me who seems to agree with my opinion about MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann:  Chris Muir.

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Homeward Bound

    The Ready First Combat Team has transferred authority for the fight in Ramadi to the 1st Brigade of the 3rd Infantry Division.     Welcome home, soldiers! Thanks for a job well done! 

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In the Fight

    Here’s what the squadron I normally fly with is doing. . . helping to win the war.     Me? I only managed to sandbag a local area orientation flight from RJSM last Friday.   I’ve got a little ways … Continue reading

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Why I Don’t Read Newsweek

    I’ve tried in other places to explain some of the issues I’ve had with legacy media (what other bloggers refer to as ‘Mainstream Media’ or MSM — the larger daily newspapers, the big three TV networks, and cable TV … Continue reading

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Return to Okunakayama

    Christina and I hit the slopes for our anniversary today.  Christina taught a couple kids the basics of skiing while I warmed up.  I’m getting better at the black slopes, and I even got to try some powder today.  … Continue reading

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Great Song

    I first viewed this website a couple years ago.  Things like this always choke me up.  It’s a little more poignant now that I’ve lost friends in the war.      I wish I had the time to develop the … Continue reading

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New News is Good News!

    In case any of you are interested, I just ran across a new web-based news site called  It’s got a Christian bent to it (read "Right Wing" for those of my friends who also abhor FoxNews).  

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Commanding Leads

     The US Department of Defense plans to stand up a new Africa Command.  I’m guessing the Air Force component will be Air Force Africa Command (AFAFCOM).  This also means a number of new General Officer positions will be opening … Continue reading

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