An Addition to the Memorial

    SPC Vincent Pomante was the driver of the HMMWV that was hit by the IED that killed Maj Megan McClung and CPT Travis Patriquin.  I caught the video memorial to Maj McClung on Hot Air, and when a picture of SPC Pomante, I recognized him as one of the guys who always helped out around the TOC.  He could always be counted on to get you what you needed and always seemed to be in a fairly good mood, no matter what was going on around him, which made life easy for the rest of us.  

    I dealt with Travis on a pretty regular basis, including some social settings, and I knew him fairly well.  SPC Pomante was from among the bigger list of people I didn’t know well, but contributed more to the physical aspects of making a headquarters function than any of the officers. 

    One more brother in arms we miss.  Rest well, soldier!


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