The Travis Patriquin Family Trust Fund

    I have a mailing address for the trust fund for Travis Patriquin’s family established by Travis’ father Gary Patriquin:

Travis Patriquin Family Memorial Trust Fund
Harris Bank
111 West Monroe-111/1C
Chicago, IL 60603

    Mr Patriquin is also trying to put a book together for Travis’ kids.  If anyone would like to share anything else with me, please give me specific permission to pass your thoughts along.  For those of you who have already posted thoughts, please also let me know if it’s okay with you to pass those comments along.  If possible, I’ll contact the folks downrange and see if I can get any specifics, if they haven’t already done that. 

    Thanks in advance for your prayers, thoughts, and donations. 

    Click here for the virtual cemetery.   


10 Jan 2007 Update:   Travis’ father has set up a link to PayPal (PayPal account required).  You can donate to the trust fund.  Click the ‘Send Money’ link, and use his e-mail address, gary112251 – at – America Online – dot – com.  Thank you!

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6 Responses to The Travis Patriquin Family Trust Fund

  1. matthewboschert says:


    I spoke his father the other day he said that they were planning a memorial in st. louis mon january 13th as well.

  2. matthewboschert says:

    Is the fund established???? IF so Awesome! I would like to help get some donors in line. When I spoke to his dad I told him I would look for some sort of Trust documentation but all I found was a charitable remainder trust which would not work for what they are going for. Again please DO NOT HESITATE TO CONTACT ME TO LET ME KNOW HOW I CAN HELP, NO MATTER HOW BIG OR SMALL. I will gladly do whatever I can to help.

    Happy new year.

  3. Chris Penningroth says:

    Thanks again, Matthew! You’ve been doing a superb job, I’m glad you’re part of the team.

  4. mar said that about anyknetthewboschert says:

    I just got home from new years,

    I’m like I said after his funeral. I still feel like it was the worst thing I have ever been witness to. I still think he was a H E R O! I’ ve never said that about anyone. I Know his family knows how much of a hero he is to our nation. Thank you Chris for gaurding our nation. I went to the Blues game the other night and they flashed the camera of a young man sitting in the stands in a uniform.. He was given a standing ovation by the crowd. We all support our men and women in the services helping us to do our mission. No matter where it’s at.

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