After the Mount Soledad Cross

   When I die,
I want a cross marking my grave.  I want
everyone to see the symbol of my Lord and know that there is little else I want
people to remember about me than that I was a Christian.

     If any
atheists don’t like it and attempt to make future generations take down my
cross, I hope some good folks will refuse and ensure it remains standing.I hope that the democracy I will have spent
the best part of my life protecting will honor my eternal vote to display the
fact I was a Christian during my life here on earth. 

    I also
harbor a guilty hope that the good folks will tell the atheists where to go,
both figuratively and literally.

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One Response to After the Mount Soledad Cross

  1. Ana says:

    Hi Chris,

    Your blog is great and a wonderful way to share your experiences around the world. I just checked the entry on Christianity and I thought it was great you felt this way about being a Christian. Faith is one of the most defining things in life. More people should have one. In Christ I mean.

    Greetings to you and Christina, Ana

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