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First Full Week

     It’s been a busy week.  My classmates and I had a lot of academics all week.  We also had two simulator sessions in Unit Training Devices (UTDs), which are fairly realistic cockpit simulators set in front of a … Continue reading

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Osama bin Laden’s Latest Diatribe

     I understand the demon djinn just released a new audio tape.  Apparently his current cave (or equivalent primitive dwelling) doesn’t sport rudimentary video facilities.        He called for a Muslim boycott of American goods.  Let’s see, a … Continue reading

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Back on Track

     As of Thursday the 20th, I began my F-16 transition course (TX2, in our parlance) along with six others.  We’re going to have academics on and off for at least the next month.  We’ll begin "flying" the simulators … Continue reading

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In Case You Were Wondering

     I’ve been in the process of moving from Germany to Japan.  I’m currently in Arizona, trying to pump some iron, run some laps around an airbase, and remembering which way to push the stick to make "Houses get … Continue reading

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Weekend Blog Reading

    Here are a few noteworthy readings:     On the Return of History.      When Cynicism Meets Fanaticism. 

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