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Heiliger Ludwig

     I’m spending some quality time with my wife in my home-town! If you’re in the vicinity of St Louis, stop by or call and say "Hello!"

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Sorry, What Was the News?

    Megyn Kendall was just interviewing Ann Coulter on Big Story Primetime.  (Caution:  Second link not recommended for my left-of-center friends.  You must lean at least this far right to view Ann’s blog:   _ _ _ _ _ —> … Continue reading

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     Wednesday I flew my last syllabus flight, the 2nd of two Surface Attack Tactics (SAT).  We briefed up a set of medium-altitude GBU-24 (GBU stands for ‘Guided Bomb Unit) attacks complete with threat reactions and threw in a … Continue reading

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     The first thing on the agenda this morning was a change of command.  BGen Rand handed the Luke AirPatch over to BGen (sel) Jones.  The ceremony was at about 0900, and it was already about 100o F out on … Continue reading

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Ground Abort

    Friday, I spent several tedious hours mission planning.  I woke-up early this morning, spending four hours anticipating a great flight in some of the best weather we’ve had here in four weeks.  Preflight, engine start and setup of flight … Continue reading

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Thanks * 10^100!

    Good news, everyone! Weltanschauung has finally made it to the Google search engine and also into the Technorati search engine.  

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Turning Night Into Green

    Last night was the night Surface Attack Tactics (SAN) flight.  It was not really so much tactics as it was administratively getting me warmed up to fly tactically at night.  This was one of those painful flights that the … Continue reading

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Ding Dong, The Witch is Dead!

    The breaking news all over the world right now is the death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq, along with six of his associates.  Here are some links to news stories:,, Air Force … Continue reading

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Quickened Pace

    Let’s see, what’s happened since Memorial Day? At "work," my classmates and I flew Tactical Intercepts (TI), Air Combat Maneuvering (ACM), Air Combat Tactics (ACT).  This week we moved on to the air-to-ground phase and have accomplised Basic Surface … Continue reading

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