The Right Filters

    Some of my left-of-political-center friends are surprised
when they find out I like to watch Fox News whenever I can, partly because it’s
often not available in the countries in which I’ve lived.  I usually quip
"It’s nice to run the right filters once in awhile instead of having to
constantly run the left filters."  

    The most recent and annoying item I’ve had to
filter:  The rumor I heard on Fox News yesterday that claimed there was a
law being passed through the Iranian parliament that would require Jews and
Christians to wear a badge, after the manner Jews, Gypsies, and others were
forced to self-identify in Nazi Germany and Nazi-occupied countries. 
Apparently, the law in question was designed to encourage women to wear chador, or
clothes that reveal little feminine beauty, almost as drastic as a burqua
I’m certainly not a fan of this move, as the world would then be denied the
sight of lovlies such as Rudi Bahktiar (the former CNN Headline News anchoress
who recently moved over to Fox News).  The point is, I’m already irritated
enough with Iran’s
facist wannabe that I don’t need to hear fictitious proof.  Enough said.

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