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Raptor Punks

     Congrats to the first F-22 B-course graduates!      (In our squadrons, we refer to the first-operational-assignment lieutenant pilots as "punks.")

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Laying Low

     Not that I’ve been posting a lot lately, but I’m going to be mostly offline for the next 7-10 days.  We’re getting ready for one of those "Major muscle movements" that occurs every 18-36 months in the life of … Continue reading

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This Could Get Ugly

     I was a bit surprised to read Georgia had moved troops into South Ossetia and Russia had in turn moved troops in and had started bombing Georgia (CNN, FoxNews, Johnson’s Russia List (via e-mail)).      It’s like Bizarro-Kosovo/Serbia. 

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Heroes Run 2008

     Mr Gary Patriquin is sponsoring the 2008 Heroes Run in Lockport, IL in honor of CPT Travis Patriquin and service members killed in Iraq.  It will be 9 Aug 2008 at 0800.  It starts at the Lockport High School, … Continue reading

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Returned To Base

     I’ve done a reverse MacArthur.  I have returned from the Philippines.       As it happened, I rolled home and straight into an exercise! I’d like to say I swapped my ‘Battle Rattle’ for a chemical defense ensemble, but rather … Continue reading

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Revisiting Ramadi

     I received an informative article awhile back from Mr Gary Patriquin, father of my late friend CPT Travis Patriquin (the author of the PowerPoint slideshow How to Win in Anbar).  If you’d like to know how the West was won, … Continue reading

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Cobra Quest Paused

     Some of my friends were not too far away from this event.  They’re alright.  They couldn’t tell me which of these reports about the event were correct.       I think I’ll be redirecting my search efforts. 

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The Best Thing About This Tour

     The best thing about this deployment was meeting this guy:                    . . . At least according to him! You know how these young folks can be brash sometimes.      You’re doing … Continue reading

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Battle Rattle

     I’ve found it nearly completely unnecessary to wear this stuff in the current theater.  The primary danger is from pickpockets.        I can’t believe I traded in a G-suit for kevlar! Update 11 Apr 2008:  Due to popular … Continue reading

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Not Quite Camping

     I just recently returned from one of the far-flung camps in our area of operations.  It was one of those places where you couldn’t drink the water without boiling it first (not even to brush your teeth).  Pretty much … Continue reading

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