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CENTCOM Happenings

     It looks like Admiral Fallon just resigned.      His deputy will be the acting CENTCOM commander.  Lt Gen Dempsey was in command of 1st Armored Division when I was working over in that neck of the woods.  He helped … Continue reading

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Shouldering the Load Together

     From a long way off, I had a very small hand in a very small way in some of this. 

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God Save the Prince!

     I was watching CNN International when the story broke that Prince Harry was RTBing from Afghanistan where he was apparently calling in airstrikes, which is the exact same job my Tactical Air Control Party (TACP) unit in Germany performed.  … Continue reading

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Last Week in Defense

     There were a couple of fairly big stories in the DoD in the past week.  I’ll consolidate them briefly here.      We lost an Eagle bro this week; one pilot survived, two F-15C aircraft destroyed in an apparent mid-air collision.            … Continue reading

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AFA Article About Aging Aircraft

     The Air Force Association put out an interesting article relating the age of various USAF airframes to popular culture historical events.  It’s kind of a twist on that e-mail that one university puts out each year to the … Continue reading

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Blue Sky Hawaii

     I’m blogging from Waikiki beach again.  I’m here for a short TDY to Hickam AFB to see the folks at PACAF.  You know, the sky in Hawaii just seems to be a slightly different shade of blue than anywhere … Continue reading

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February “RAP-up”

     Today was a superb day! Scrappy, Pitch, Scooter, and I were going to double-turn ACM sorties.  The original plan was to try to play "ACM Baseball," with Scrappy and Pitch "batting" first sortie and Scooter and I "batting" second.  … Continue reading

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Tuesday Two-fer

     Today Drago, Motor, Sox, and I flew a pit-and-go pair of ACM sorties.  Drago and Boat flew Blue first sortie, Sox and I flew Blue on the second.  We had a great time on both sides (so to say).  … Continue reading

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Friday Flying

     Today’s mission was to be a medium altitude surface attack tactics flight.  Rost would lead our four-ship while Drago led a second four-ship against a pair of actual Red Air and a bunch of simulated SAMs.  It was a … Continue reading

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Fun Flying

     Today Huck, Boat, Gilligan, and I went all-out to try to make life miserable for Kane, Topper, Bosco, and Rost.  We threw ’em the kitchen sink and they handled us pretty well.       The interesting thing was we were fighting … Continue reading

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