Returned To Base

     I’ve done a reverse MacArthur.  I have returned from the Philippines. 

     As it happened, I rolled home and straight into an exercise! I’d like to say I swapped my ‘Battle Rattle’ for a chemical defense ensemble, but rather the chemical defense ensemble went on underneath the Interceptor body armor.  Mercifully it’s been a cool June here in northern Japan. 

     It certainly was fun to get a few flights in, too, even if the weather obscured everything but the Pacific and the Sea of Japan. 

     Now back to the grind!

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One Response to Returned To Base

  1. lifepundit says:

    You’re going to need a mighty big warhorse to carry you in all that. Does it feel like a kid whose mother overdresses him for the cold weather? Can you bend your elbows, etc.? (I certainly hope we’ve worked out these little details.)

    Glad the weather’s cooperating and you got some flights in.

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