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Whittle Back

     Bill Whittle’s been absent from his blog for awhile.  It turns out he’s not only alive, he’s been writing a movie script!      Finally! Something that ought to be worth watching in the intellectual sense coming out of Hollywood! I hope … Continue reading

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Done in by My PowerPoint

     Today was a first for me:  Weltanschauung just took it’s first hit (that I know of) in the Blogosphere over at Virtualpolitik.  "Hits" is a bit of an exaggeration, it was really more of a fun poke, or … Continue reading

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     This was some footage Rob T. took on his trip to the Antarctic Marathon, and it’s awesome!        This is not recommended for children too young to watch some of the "meatier programs" on Animal Planet. 

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The New York Enquirer

     This may be the only thing I’ve ever read or heard from Michael Kinsley that was worth repeating.  This was hilarious!      What’s fun is that I now get to find the Times’ most egregious errors, publish only their failures, … Continue reading

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Belated Blogosphere Wrap-Up

     Bill Whittle over at Eject!Eject!Eject! has a great essay about John Boyd and the OODA loop and how it applies to competitive decision-making in almost any sphere (mostly war).       Iowahawk (caution-language) had an interesting satire on a New … Continue reading

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Blog Call

     If you happen to be in the Pacific NW in late Oct/early Nov and like to write on the Internet, Anwyn‘ll be hosting a Blogofogorama in a couple weeks.  I hear the main topic will be Saint Peters’ historic … Continue reading

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Curtain Call

     Cox & Forkum just announced they’ll be ceasing they’re regular editorial cartooning.  Thanks for the laughs for the past six or so years, guys! Message From Above is hanging in my office directly over my computer.  I hope you’ll continue the September … Continue reading

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Color Me Skeptical

     I thought el chupacabra was some sort of vampire version of sasquatch.  Not this. 

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Another Famous E-mail

     Earlier this week, my friend Jeff forwarded me an e-mail that’s made its way around the ‘Net a few times.  I believe it started in 2004.  I’ll let the text speak for itself: Subject: Reply from Lt. Col. Scott … Continue reading

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I Need a Better Metatag

     Distaint Cousin Dylan almost always comes up first when we Google the name ‘Penningroth.’  I guess I need to start writing books for publication if I want to catch up!      I wonder who the folks are? They … Continue reading

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