You Could Fool All of the People

     I ran across this gem at the Motley Fool this morning while speeding through my e-mail.  It was a post called Sizing Up Banking’s New Giants and was written by Morgan Housel.  I emphasized my favorite part of the quote. 

Back in August, I wrote, "If something is too big and complex to fail, perhaps we should make it smaller and less complex." Now’s probably not the time to throw another wrench in the financial system, but someone, someday is going to have to realize that if something’s too big to fail, it’s also probably too big to bail.

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One Response to You Could Fool All of the People

  1. lifepundit says:

    I hope that snappy phrase gets picked up by somebody, because I’m afraid that if you’re too big to fail, you’re too big to bail. Thanks for posting that — I haven’t seen it elsewhere.

    I came by hoping you would have some comments about my new hero, Capt. Sully (U.S. Air pilot who landed on the Hudson). I’m so grateful that this man’s life prepared him for this moment, and for the miracle that his skill and God’s grace got all those people safely landed — on a river, of all things.

    We needed good news and a hero. (Somebody who actually has done something and did something.)

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