What do I Read After the News?

News browsing evolves over the years, at least for me. Since I moved back to the States a few years ago, FoxNews is pretty much standard fare at work and I can watch it at home. It beats that conglomeration of news shows on the AFN News Channel (which was okay when it was a FoxNews show, but more often than not I found myself switching it off due to shows like Larry King Live or Countdown).
Normally I start my Internet browsing with Drudge (hat tip to Trigger for letting me on to that open secret) and I browse the “Headlines” and check out whatever seems appropriate. That goes fairly quickly.
I almost always follow that with PJMedia (what used to be Pajamas Media); the three ‘never misses’ there are Victor Davis Hanson’s Works and Days, Richard Fernandez’s Belmont Club, and Ed Driscoll’s columns. There is plenty of other good stuff there and I often find I have anywhere from 3 to 8 tabs worth of pages open before I know it.
When time permits, and naturally it almost never does, I hit National Review Online (and that way I don’t have to go over to VDH’s Private Papers anymore); then Newsmax; then One News Now. Anymore I have to have more than about 35 minutes worth of spare time to read those sites. On the rare occassions I have nothing else and I still have time to read I’ll check out a few other sites.  Taggesschau figures prominently, although my German is not good enough to understand very much past most of its headlines.  And at the end of the day, I like to check out AoSHQ.
Sites I rarely visit or have stopped reading are the Ludwig von Mises Institute (my libertarian streak pretty much ends at economics) and World Net Daily.
I’ve gotten a number of great suggestions over the years, generally not in the comments section but by word of mouth. You remember that method, right!? I’m grateful for the suggestions but if it seems like I’ve largely gone my own way, it’s because this is the habit I’ve preferentially developed.

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