Roll the Stone Away

Note:  This post’s draft was written on 02 May 2011, but I didn’t post it until 16 January 2012

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I listened to this song all the way to and from work today.  Why just this song? I didn’t have a copy of this one.  Plus I remember hearing Martina McBride singing the chorus to this around the time I was getting back to my squadron in Germany from “Professional Military Education.”  My brothers and sisters were returning from a short deployment in support of what became (and still is) Operation ENDURING FREEDOM.  The song didn’t then and doesn’t now really perfectly match my feelings about the war (but then, what song ever perfectly resonates in a sort of emotional harmonic?).  But parts of the chorus have been amplified in my heart and soul every time I’ve heard the song since September Eleventh.

“Let freedom ring!” Indeed.

“Let the whole world know that today is a day of reckoning!” Yesterday (01 May 2011) was the day of reckoning.

“Let the weak be strong!” So much for thinking you were the strong horse, you self-deluded fool.

“Roll the stone away, let the guily pay, it’s Independence Day!” Free of the hated demon djinn.

God bless the USA.

Further musings:

Our ignoble adversary Osama bin Laden was killed in a city named after a British major.  He was hiding behind a woman.

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